"Green solutions for a healthier Planet"

“M-Way Consultants & Developers Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Dr.P.V.Majeed in 2009 with an objective to adopt green concepts in infrastructure development and waste management sectors. Later Mohammed Mohiyudheen Khan, an experienced Civil engineer and Mohammed Naseer, an expert in waste management joined him to fulfill his dreams. The company then received a number of OWC & Construction projects for execution in the private and public sectors. After successful completion of the projects, the company entered into collaboration with Er.Sunil Kumar Sharma,Shivom Engineers Associates Pvt Ltd, Haryana for works related to Roadways, Highways, Bridges & Tunnels. Simultaneously the company entered into joint venture with Naik Environmental Engineers (Mumbai) of Dr.Shirish Naik (PhD,IIT) in setting up Compact Sewage Treatment Plants throughout India.

M-Way is an accredited consultant to Government of Kerala, India, in various sectors including building construction, architectural consultancy, waste management, modernization of slaughterhouses etc.“

  • Organic Waste Converter (OWC)

    OWC is an electrically operated bio-mechanical equipment that can convert organic waste to odour-free mixture in just 15 minutes & to mature Compost when water cured in crates for 10 days. The compost obtained is of high quality and can be either sold in the market or used for kitchen gardening or landscaping.

  • Twenty Four Hour Converter (TFHC) (Bioneer)

    Bioneer is a fully automated electrically operated bio-mechanical machine that utilizes heaters & microbes to convert organic waste to Soil Amendment in just 24 hours. The resultant output can be mixed with soil in the ratio of 1:9 for kitchen gardening, landscaping, crop cultivation, etc. It also acts as a great Volume Reducer (80-85%) for biodegradable MSW.


    The Organic Waste Double Shredder pre-treats solid compact waste such as animal bone, small twigs and thin branches for easy feed into the OWC machine.

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